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WSC-4000 (50 Hz)

Cooling Area: 42 Sqm

WSC-4000_Product Specification

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Water-cooled - WPW-4000(50 and 60 Hz) Product info

WSC-4000_Product Features

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  • Weltem WSC-4000 / WSC-6000 are designed for a fast installation and start up.
  • They can be used usefully where access to the outside is difficult and some distance from internal rooms because outdoor unit (heat exchanger) can be placed up to 30 meters.
  • They are economical units which does not need providing of the water continuously.
  • Quiet in operation enables them to be used in general offices as well.
  • With their durable metal construction and 4 wheels, they are very useful for rental.
  • They are space-efficient because they don’t need to have hot air exhaust duct.
  • A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self-diagnostic function.
  • Choice of continuous operation or automatic timer.

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